What's in the Course

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    Welcome! Let's get started

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    Class 1: The Idea Machine a.k.a Brainstorming

    • How to find a good idea - What's Your Passion?

    • Mind Mapping your great idea!

    • Baking Business Idea Example

    • Bug Business Idea Example

    • The passion-problem-product cycle

    • How to refine your idea into a prototype

    • Who is your "ideal customer" - defining your avatar

    • Value add – how does it improve someone’s life?

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    Class 2: Your Elevator Pitch a.k.a Presenting your prototype

    • Receiving feedback and why it’s important

    • Test, Revisit, Refine, Test Again

    • How to "Pitch" Your Idea

    • What If I'm Shy and I Don't Want to Pitch my Idea?

    • Is your product ready for market?

    • Take it further: The Lean Startup Method PARENTAL WARNING: EXTERNAL LINKS

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    Class 3: What's In Your Piggy Bank? a.k.a Costs of starting your business

    • What is the cost of ONE item?

    • How will you fund your business idea?

    • How much do you need to make to cover your costs?

    • How much of your product should you make?

    • What happens if no one buys anything? Preparing for failure.

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    Class 4: What's It Worth? a.k.a Finding the right price for your product

    • What if my idea exists already?

    • Setting your perfect price

    • What would your avatar spend?

    • Figuring out profit potential - how much 'could' you make?

    • Gross profit versus net profit - what's the difference?

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    Class 5: How To Get The Word Out a.k.a. Marketing your product PARENTAL WARNING: EXTERNAL LINKS

    • Let’s give it a name! Business or product name creation PARENTAL WARNING: EXTERNAL LINKS

    • How do you tell people about your product or business?

    • In person advertising – business cards, pamphlets and signage PARENTAL WARNING: EXTERNAL LINKS

    • What are “call to action”, jingles and slogans? You know, all the advertising stuff that gets in your head PARENTAL WARNING: EXTERNAL LINKS

    • Marketing Resources - PARENTAL WARNING: EXTERNAL LINKS

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    Class 6: It's SO Appealing! a.k.a. Packaging your product for the marketplace

    • How much should you make?

    • Getting all your product finished and ready to sell

    • The best package for your product

    • Labels, Tags and Ties

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    Class 7: Step Right Up!! a.k.a Where will you sell your product?

    • What are your market options? Finding the perfect place to sell your product

    • Table presentation 101 – how to make it look appealing

    • BE PREPARED! Safety, payment options and carry-away supplies

    • I’m shy – there’s no way I can talk to people about my product!!

    • Strategies reviewed for zero sales

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    Class 8: Money In The Bank. a.k.a. Profits and losses. What comes next?

    • What to do with the profits and paying back money you owe

    • Reinvesting in your business

    • What if I don't want to continue with my business or start a new one?

    • Charity: Different ways companies can give back

    • Social Enterprise: how to build it into your business WARNING: External Links

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    Next Steps...

    • Resources, ideas and suggestions

    • Tell me your goals